Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Claud: Turns out he is a little claustrophobic

why is this photo so yellow? the lighting in my room is lacking. ah well.

Claud is a male Pushtin from Thukl. The Pushtin is a ground dwelling monster. He/She is generally very neat although personalities do vary. The job of the Pushtin is to clean the floors of Thukl. A job they take very seriously with a cotton swab in hand. Pushtins love warm dry places. They are especially fond of the lower cabinets and wall lining heaters. So watch out for electrical appliances near the floor that may burn, the Pushtin is not the most cunning of monsters.

this guy will be for sale pretty soon! stay tuned.

0_o - dana

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lara is hopeful

Lara hates March. She hates it's teasingly good weather that always leads to another massive snow storm. Yet, she remains hopeful that it will pass smoothly ever year with it's smattering of warm days.

And when that massive storm in April comes she will remain hopeful for June.

0_o - Dana